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Our Mission

Want complete transparency? 

-We show the commission structure for each product we sell.

Want someone to meet with each employee to explain their benefits? 

-We have one-on-one meetings with each employee every year.

Want the best product for you, regardless of the financial incentive?

-Our team always offers the best product for your company.  We even offer some products that pay no commissions to our team. 

Our mission is to put you first: your needs, your concerns, your situation.  We believe that by always taking care of you first, we will benefit as well.


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Entrepreneur, Youth Sports Coach, New Type of Insurance Agent

What would you do if you found a solution to a business problem frustrating thousands of small business owners?  When Kevin discovered a new insurance platform that was saving small business owners $30,000 - $100,000 a year, he decided to jump into an industry he had always despised. Who really wants to sell insurance?  But when Kevin saw he could truly change people's lives, he did not think about those frustrations.  He saw a way to create a change.  He saw the chance for small businesses to compete with larger businesses on employee benefits.  Always an entrepreneur, Kevin locked in a contract for this incredible new product,  founded Ufirst Benefits, and started his journey toward changing the paradigm for small businesses everywhere.


BBA Finance - Emory University


Kevin is licensed to sell health and life insurance in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

2007 Leadership Columbia graduate

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Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu: 9AM to 5PM

Friday: 9AM to 4PM

Sat-Sun: Closed

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5143 Forest Drive

Columbia, SC 29206


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